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Service Providers


As we know, airports are complex environments providing the ability for millions of people to daily travel the globe. In addition, many tonnes of cargo, thousands of vehicles and service providers all draw together to ensure that our increasing demand for air travel be it passengers or goods are met. The airport authority manages a complex array of businesses and activities within and around the terminal from rail networks to car parks, runways taxiways and ramp areas, storage facilities, shops, restaurants, lounges and security. The list is long and we recognise the huge task that faces an airport authority and/or their agents and our services are tailored to assist in protecting the varied exposures that you are faced with. Large or small we are able to provide policies for small airfields to international airports.

Air Traffic Control

This is a smaller section of the industry however we have the experience within our team to represent  Air Traffic Control providers to ensure that the exposures which you are responsible for are identified. Your sector whilst small has a significant catastrophe element and more specialist insurers are geared toward you. We recognise that the liability for such risks can be complex as liability can be assumed by national authorities whilst in some cases, control tower responsibility is delegated to an airport authority, or an independent contractor. In some cases a national authority may assume control for air traffic control as well as the airports within its territory and this risk may go to market as a group package. Either way we are here to work with you to identify your risks, your contractual obligations and to find solutions.

Service Providers and Manufacturers

Service providers, manufacturers of aircraft, components and parts craft have a rigorous task in protecting their companies assets and balance sheets. This area covers aircraft manufacturers or distributors of any product that can be applied for use in the aerospace industry, including air frames, engines, navigation equipment, airport ground equipment, major components, sub-components. A fault or failure in product can be catastrophic. Our team of experts will seek out the broadest cover available for your consideration and review.

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