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Additional Services

Claims Service

Our claims service is the ultimate test of our product and services and our claims personnel are a significant part of our team. Importantly, and a service where we believe is a discernable differentiator from our competitors, is that our production executives are also claim service focussed. This is valuable to you and we encourage our team to remain engaged in the process during the term of your policy not just upon the completion of your placement. So much of the knowledge and in some cases intricate nature of a program or product are held with the senior executives that it seems perfectly natural for us to, when necessary, to be hands on with our clients together with our claims team. To meet our service standards, we work to regular meetings between our claims manager, overseas partners and producers.

Contracts and Leasing Service

We provide Contracts and Leasing insurance advice covering your relevant contractual requirements and obligations. Insurance advice is available during contractual negotiations and after on topics such as, aircraft finance agreements, aircraft lease agreements, aircraft purchase agreements, novation agreements, review of existing certificates of insurance or reinsurance in relation to existing portfolio of aircraft.

Review and comment on draft and finalised certificates of insurance and letters of undertaking, renewal certificates of insurance and letters of undertaking direct contact on clients' behalf with lawyers, insurance brokers or insurers of lessee.

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