Boston Marks Group Limited

About BMG

Boston Marks Group represents what we believe to be the best in client care. Aviation is what we do and our team of specialists are located around the globe to make sure that you are never left without the quality advice and service that will support your business. Our company is built around our customers. We are listening to you and we have created a platform that will work with you and for you. We know that this will position us as one of the leading independent aviation insurance broking specialists in the world.

Dedicated Practitioners, an international reach

We have recognised the need to provide customers with the services and products which are needed for today's challenges. As a result we have extended our reach to match this demand. We have in excess of 100 aviation practitioners in 6 countries.

Private Company

Our private status delivers a different style of service. Ownership of our business challenges the mainstream and encourages our people to be involved in the core of our activities. The collective desire for achievement, we know, produces extremely positive results.


Being free of outside control we are able to manage our business, cost and expense far more effectively. The benefits to our clients are consistently better results. We absolutely believe that a more prominent position for the independent Aviation Insurance Broker is upon us.

Our Group understands……

The need to be competitive

We know that to make a difference and to be recognised as being in the top of our field we must outperform our competitors. We understand your costs and the competitive nature of your business. We will work to provide you with a product that will protect your asset, your balance sheet and give you the best value for your money.


We put great emphasis on how we communicate with our customers. We will respect our clients, treat them fairly and be transparent. We will apply the same principles to our stakeholders, staff and service providers. We aim to be a business where clients want to come to do business, where people want to work and where service providers want to treat us fairly and competitively.

Expertise and Independence

We are clear on where our expertise is valuable to our clients. We are here to offer you the know how and market relationships that will make a real difference to your business. We will provide you with access to the many international markets that can make a real difference. We are committed to offering you products that are at the cutting edge of the industry, that are effective risk transfer tools and most importantly are cost effective. The truly Independent aviation broking house is somewhat of a rare commodity. We value our independence as we know that it is a significant factor paving the way to attain our standards of excellence.


We know that through achievement and reliability we create a strong sense of trust. This is vital in creating a true partnership with our producers and clients. We know that trust is a proven ingredient in a successful and healthy relationship and this is a value which we ensure our team understand and runs through our company.

Our people

There are several factors that contribute to a successful policy placement however we know that the calibre and experience of our people make the difference. The determination, drive and energy which we deploy will be a determining factor toward the success which we want our clients to enjoy. We are a team with a strong sense of the collective. We know that together we are strong and that our team approach is a successful approach. We value this as a business practice above many others.

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